Involvement at MAM

Congratulations 1T9s and welcome to U of T Medicine!

Whether you鸿运彩app在哪下载 are accepted at the St. George Campus or the Mississauga Campus, U of T medicine will provide you鸿运彩app在哪下载 will endless opportunities to become involved over you鸿运彩app在哪下载r four years of medical school. As part of the MAM 1T6 students, I will be providing insight into involvement opportunities at MAM. Fear not St. George students because the same opportunities are available to you鸿运彩app在哪下载!

10 Great things about Mississauga!

Maybe you鸿运彩app在哪下载 chose St. George on the preference survey. Maybe you鸿运彩app在哪下载 chose MAM. Maybe you鸿运彩app在哪下载 chose no preference. Maybe you鸿运彩app在哪下载’re deciding between several schools. Maybe MAM was you鸿运彩app在哪下载r only offer (hey, one offer is all you鸿运彩app在哪下载 need!)


We know that MAM is not as well-known as our St. George counterpart, and that you鸿运彩app在哪下载 might even have some hesitation if it wasn’t what you鸿运彩app在哪下载 were expecting. But trust us, you鸿运彩app在哪下载’re among the lucky ones! MAM offers a breadth of unique experiences and has consistently rated higher in student satisfaction in some areas than any other academy. And we can see why.